Sunday, January 11, 2015

Twenty Fifteen

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Hi everyone! I am sorry i have disappeared for sooooo long. December 2014 was SO SO crazy. I am not too sure where i should begin from. So let me write it down in point form instead. You can always skip through my rants and go right to the bottom to enjoy another card i made using Gerda Steiner Designs Digital Stamp..........

  • At the beginning of December, my house had a renovation for both the kitchen and master bedroom toilet. If you live in Singapore, you will probably know something called the "HDB Improvement/Upgrade Program". So basically, if your flat is over 30 years old, the government will carry out various upgrade programmes such as making lift landings on every storey, renovating your toilets and repairing your ceilings at a greatly discounted price. It is almost like 1/10 of the initial renovation price. And with such perks, comes great inconvenience. For 10 days, the house will be very very dusty and dirty and no toilet or water to use. They will set up toilets and showering areas downstairs your block and you will have to head down to brush your teeth, bath or go to the loo. Can you imagine my horror?!
  • My mum had a very nice friend (friends over 30 years, amazing) who stayed nearby and offered a room in her flat to let us stay. So i and parents stayed over her place for 2 weeks and occasionally went back to our house to take a look. For 2 weeks, i barely crafted so i took a break from all crafting related stuff, except for the Black Friday Sales Shopping. hahahah!
  • Mid December, i moved back home and that very weekend, i had a severe food poisoning. It was like a coincidence that my body wanted to test how great the new toilet is! I used (i mean, bomb) the toilet every hour for 5 to 6 times and thank god, the flush or the toilet bowl didn't spoil. hahaha!
  • And after my food poisoning got better, my room lock spoilt! And the best part is, i was stuck INSIDE my room. Morning horror!! Couldn't get out to prepare for work! Called my mum and she rushed home from work in a cab to save me. She had to ask the workers downstairs to come up with a hammer to hammer off the door knob. And just as i thought i was free from my room, i found out that my house won't have electricity for the next 6 hours because they were re-wiring the electricity cables for the block. SIGH~ So i couldn't do anything except going back to sleep! Took a medical leave from work that day because my tummy still wasn't feeling well.
  • The following week, i had an allergy attack (no idea what caused it) but i was hyper ventilating and my face and ears were red, arms were itchy and shaking too. So immediately went to my nearby clinic for an injection to stop all this. For the next few days, i was always sleepy and i had to be caution with my food because i had to avoid high histamine food for the time being.
  • Then back to my house....... for the next few days or weeks, we had to clear the after mess of the construction and we took the chance to paint our living room and kitchen, changed the windows in the living room because they were damaged and dangerous and changed a few of our furnitures. 
It was soooo busy and i barely had time to make christmas cards. Even if i made them, i didn't have time to take a photo of them! December pass quickly with the many christmas celebrations and new year parties and here i am sitting down blogging. Oh, one more thing! I bought a Silhouette Cameo during the Black Friday sales. Cheers to amazing die-cutting and party decos! I also retired my 6, almost 7, years old macbook and bought a new iMac! Amazing oh-so amazing!! Blogging and editing photos now will be so much smoother now. No more lagging!

So this post sums up the end of my 2014. Thank you everyone who has been here for me in one way r another. Here's 2015 and 2 cards to kick-off MLcraft's 2015 card collection.

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Last but not least, i want to thank Gerda and the GSD team. They are amazing ladies and understood i had to take the time off my "duties" to finish the pile of events stated above.

You guys can download the cute kitten floating with balloon at THIS link.


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