Saturday, January 24, 2015

Let's Fly A Kite

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Hi there! This card has been circulating the web for awhile..... Made this back in Dec 2014 and it has been on my instagram and proud to say, on Mama Elephant's re-gram too! If you are a fellow crafter, you will understand my excitement, right? When it was re-gramed, my followers shot up! So so so encouraging. Best year end gift from one my favourite stamping company.

And this was made possible because i had a customer who was very encouraging and inspiring too. He found my work somewhere (probably on Carousell) and he emailed me very clearly what he wanted on the box card, yet he trusted my skill to decide on other designs too.

Side track, there are sometimes when a customer wants something so specific that anything "extra" that you do will deem "not nice" by a customer. At those times, i feel sad and restricted because when someone engages me, i hope they love my taste and design concept already. However, no matter what, i learn from every order i get. I learn to ask specific questions before accepting orders. Example, are there any colors i should avoid or can i use cute images.

Anyway, back to the customer. He signed off with his Dayre account and i did some "background" check and found out he was a special person. To cut the story short, he suffered a stroke last year when he was just 20 years old. Read more here and do feel free to shower him with words of encouragement. :)

After reading his posts, i felt "connected" to him and i feel a bless to be able to make him a 6 years anniversary card for his girlfriend who stood by such tough times. I can't image what went on in her mind when she picked up a call telling her that her boyfriend is in the hospital. For me, i think i will break down mentally and physically. Hmmmm, i am not good in dealing with hospital news. =/

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Trees are from a  My Favourite Things die cut. Boy and girl image from Mama Elephant stamp set. Kite from an Imaginise stamp set. Lastly, the tent was printed from an online image.


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