Monday, May 18, 2015

Introducing Playful Kitten Clear Stamp

Hi Everyone! Hope you had came over from the Gerda Steiner Design blog post to see the 2nd card!

 photo IMG_20150517_133720.jpg
As you know, the 1st card at GSD blog was towards the Clean and Simple idea, which i seldom make because i have tons of pretty pattern papers to pick and use from! So i always can't resist to not use my pattern papers on my cards.

 photo IMG_20150517_134347.jpg
Here's a second card using the kitten hiding under the sheets stamp. I imagined the kitten in the laundry room playing around the dirty sheets on the floor and so i dug out my Paper Smooches Squeaky Clean Stamp set too to create a scene.

 photo IMG_20150517_140808.jpg
I usually color everything else first and leave the "main" focal point to be the last because most of the time i know what colors it will be. For this cat, i know it will either brown, orange or grey. After i color the sheets above it's head. I knew i can't color the cat orange because the sheet on the right is orange too. I did't want it to be grey because the washing machine and basket is grey too. So i was left with the color brown and i felt it was perfect because it has a contrast to the peach color sheets above it's head.

 photo IMG_20150517_134450.jpg
Here's another close up look of the card i made. Hope you like it and enjoy your week ahead!

Love, Madey.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Paying Tribute to Lee Kuan Yew

On Monday (23 March 2015), everyone in Singapore woke up with a very very sad news. Our founding father, Lee Kuan Yew, passed away in the early morning at the age 91. We were more or less prepared because for the past 2 weeks, the government gave constant updates of his detoriating health condition as he was warded in SGH. But when it happened, feelings are different. The Monday was gloomy and everyone on the commute were pretty silent. 

So as i sit here by my computer after 9.5hours of waiting to pay my last respect to him in the Parliament house earlier, i try to recall all that i am thankful for. I will try to type as fast and as clear as possible but forgive me if i am not as i have not slept for the past 24hours. 

I am thankful for all the volunteers around the Parliament area keeping everything in order. The sponsors who gave biscuits, breads, drinks, cold apples, wet wipes etc were awesome too. Everything worked hand in hand to make our wait a more memorable one. As i sat in the Padang for almost 6 hours looking around and observing all the people around me, i felt WHOLE. I have never seen a Singapore so united before. No one was complaining and people were nice, really nice. There were non-Singaporeans too. Some seem to be general workers and there was a single Caucasian in the queue as well. Different groups started to make friends with each other and the time passed more quickly than ever.

The queue to enter the Parliament stated on Wednesday morning and it has continuously continued for 3 days... This is definitely a record which i am not sure if it had happened to any country before. This record will go down into our history books or might even be on the Guinness World Record.

This Q made me realise "Wow, Singaporeans can be patient, can be kind, can be gracious.". If you don't know Singaporeans, we are pretty good at complaining. Haha! We will complain when transportations break down, we will complaint when prices increase and we will complain when there is a overcrowding etc. When i experience the 6 hours sitting down waiting at Padang, i felt it was torturous. Then when i had a non-stop walk for 3 hours at a slow speed, stopping here and there, that's when it was the worst. Backache and shoulder ache because I had to stand still and walk in small steps. When i got to the coffin and made my bow, my back and heart lightened up and i felt a sense of relief. Thank you, Mr Lee for everything.

Singapore has grown a lot and we will be celebrating our 50th National Day this year. Without LKY around, this celebration will definitely be different. Because he led us out to independence and he built the foundation of this country, His methods might not have been agreeable by everyone and people might say that we had lost our freedom through PAP, but i don't think so. Our gains definitely outweighed the loss. Without his strict leadership, Singapore would be still a 3rd World country and we would not be so many things. Singapore has a magnificent Garden By The Bay, Parks and green buildings around the sunny island because he believed in a Garden City concept. Singaporeans are able to speak 2 languages and English being the master language to communicate with so many people out there because he knew it was important in the long term. Singapore is a Multi Racial country and we can accept different "skin" people because this is the Singaporean Singapore LKY envisioned to built. Lastly, we can go out late for drinks and supper without looking over our shoulder when it is late at night because he built a safe city for us to live in. He always had a long vision.

I am proud to hold a Singapore passport and give thanks that i have an easy way travelling in and out of overseas countries without hassle. Our red passport with the crest hold so much value for a small country like us.

His contributions are not boosted by Singaporeans on the internet but other countries recognise it too. As a Singaporean, i am thankful for so many ministers and presidents for coming down to our small red dot to pay tribute to LKY. Greater gratitudes are given to India and New Zealand for having a half-mast flag on Sunday too. Singapore citizens will cry this Sunday and it is comforting to know that someone out there is here for us. 

9 hours of wait is nothing. Until the age of 91, he still continued his duties as a mentor to give advise to the politician. He gave his life and as i Queue and wanting to give up, i just have a thought in mind "Keep going. This is nothing as compared to the years that he had given up. This is really the best i can do." So here i am, proud to say that i have teared for him, visited him and wrote my personal thoughts and gratitude towards him. Lastly, i will send him off tomorrow (Sunday) during his State funeral before cremation.

Tomorrow, Singapore will stand as one. More united than ever. And more powerful to move on with life from next Monday onwards.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Turtley Great

 photo _MG_8899.jpg
Hi there! Thanks for dropping by today again to read my cardmaking process! I bet you have seen soooo many different amazing cards created with the "Late by with Love" clear stamp set but here i am today to share a different kind of card - called the Box Card! You can flatten this and mail it out without any issue!

I used the turtle, balloon, cupcake, candle, party hat and "Hope your day is turtley great" sentiment from the stamp set. The rest of the elements (e.g. cloud, birthday sentiment, background flowers etc) are from other brand's stamp and die set. The GSD clear stamp images are really easy to fussy cut out. If you are not a good cutter and tend to leave tiny white borders around it...... this is a solution: Grab a Momento black marker and use the brush tip to trace around the edges. Hold the cut image up and glide the brush tip around the sides.

The turtle and cupcakes were colored with Prisma ColorPencils and the balloon using Copic Markers. The only way i can color a Balloon nicely is to use Copic Markers, that's why i switched my coloring medium! I am not too sure if you have the same problem as me, but i can't use my Prisma Color and Watercolor to color faces and balloons. I can never get the correct shading/tone for it! Any tips for me girls?

 photo _MG_8900.jpg
Here is the side view of the box card. 3 layers inside. When you make a box card, make sure the images used are of different sizes and try to make some images (e.g. balloon, birds, clouds etc) to "float" at the top. This will create layer effects and bring your eyes around the top to bottom of the box card.

Till then, i will see you again in 2 weeks to share a new card with you!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Layering Cupcakes
Hi everyone! i am back with a new stamp set by Gerda Steiner Designs! This time round, she has released a clear stamp set. YIPPEE! It is an amazing quality and from what i feel, it is the same quality as Lawn Fawn or Mama Elephant stamp sets. You know, there are some brands out there that doesn't make comparable clear stamp sets and the ink just beads up on the lines. Never like those stamp sets - boohoo.

So for my first card with this stamp set, i decided to make use of the cupcakes and numbers in the set.

 photo IMG_20150221_151401.jpg
First, i die cut a stitched square with a piece of smooth white cardstock 240gsm. I then stamped a cupcake in the circle bottom.

 photo IMG_20150221_151327.jpg
Next, i stamp another cupcake on a piece of masking paper. If you do not have a masking paper, you can stamp on the edge of the post-it where the sticky adhesive is at the back of it and it can be a substitute of a masking paper. For me, i choose masking paper because i can re-use it many times! Next, i fussy cut it out and stick it over my cupcake on the square die cut.

 photo IMG_20150221_151242.jpg
By masking it, i can stamp another 2 cupcakes on the left and right side of it to make it 3 cupcakes in total. Odd number are a beauty, so if you notice, i like to stamp things in 3,5,7s...

 photo IMG_20150221_151159.jpg
With the masking sheet on, i stamped the balloon strings as the candle sticks for the number balloons. i had to leave the masking sheet on because the string needs to look like it it stuck inside/behind the cupcake. I then peeled the masking sheet off and stick it on the left and right cupcake before stamping the candles. Same logic, i wanted the candles to look like it is inside the cupcake.

The stamp set also has small elements to make use of. If you don't know, the bottom left corner has a small "leaf" looking thing, it is actually the candle wick! So i place it on the number balloons so it looks like solid number candles instead!

 photo IMG_20150221_151112.jpg
Peel off the mask and coloured it with copic markers!

 photo _MG_8853.jpg
Lastly, i assembled the card and left the left side blank because i want to save it to put a person's name on it! This makes the card more personalised. With cupcakes, i can't miss out to put doily on it!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Happy Chinese New Year

 photo _MG_8679.jpg

Hello everybody! As a Chinese, we celebrate the Chinese New Year and eat lots of food during this period of time! We will go to relatives and friends house to do visiting and by custom, we eat there too. So imagine when i have 4 houses to go in a day? 4 meals in total! We will often eat steamboat because it is a good way to sit together and eat hot food constantly. No worries that the dishes will turn cold! Other than proper food, we drink lots of sweet packet drinks and have lots of tidbits. Thank goodness, i love tidbits! So i am a very happy girl! ^.^

Other than eating, we collect ang baos (red packets) too! We exchange auspicious phrases and the married couples will the single ones (which is me!) a red packet as a form of blessing. In a few years time i will be getting married, so my days of getting a red packet is cutting short! And in return, i will be giving out red packets to the kids! The cycle continues~

I made the above 3 cards using Mama Elephant's cosmic stars stamp set. This year is the Goat year under the Lunar calendar, so luckily the cosmic stars has Aries and Capricorn to represent 2 different kind of Goats. Pisces are 2 fishes that happen to represent a Chinese auspicious phrase that we often use. Sentiments by Micia Stamp which were bought by my friend from Taiwan. They are so lovely and pretty but slightly costly. Perhaps next year i will be doing red packets instead since there was a demand this year. ;)

Thursday, February 12, 2015

GSD Feb Challenge

Hi there! It's the month of Feb and it is time to play along Gerda Steiner Design February Challenge! Head over to her blog now to see more details on how to participate, but most importantly, it revolves around this cute bunny!

Introducing "Nerdy but Nice"

Love is in the air for the month of February and instead of creating a card with lots of pink, red and purple, i decided to make 1 less feminine.

 photo _MG_8852.jpg
So here's my take on this month's challenge!

The books and shelf is from Simon Says Stamp "To Thine Own Shelf" stamp set and sentiment formed from Lawn Fawn's alphabet stamp set.

If i am a nerd or a very smart girl who is buried among books (unfortunately not, i am just buried in pretty papers and stamps! LOL.) I would find my other half among my books too! Very cute, right?!

The bunny is coloured with Copic markers and i also added a layer of glossy accents on his glasses. Too bad, the camera can't catch a good picture of the "thick" glasses.

Anyway, hop over and join the challenge because the good thing is...... you get the next month challenge digital stamp for free!

Till then, i will chat with you again!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


 photo _MG_8674.jpg

As i grow older, i start attending more housewarming parties, so i should always have a few cards for back-up because going to a housewarming always accompanies with a gift!

Everyone is getting married and owning a house, as for me...... i will be having my own house too - in about, 3 years time? It is currently under construction and all i can dream about now is..... HOW SHOULD I DO UP MY CRAFT ROOM?! hahahah... It's so nice to have a partner who supports what you like to do and even nicer that he thinks my works are nice too.

When it comes my turn for my housewarming, i am pretty sure i will put up a wishlist so my friends don't have a headache on what to get for my house and i in return get what i really need. Win-win, yea?

Back to this card i am sharing today! Using Gerda Steiner Birthday Pig digital stamp and Gerda Steiner New Home digital stamp to create this card.

When the title of the stamp reads "birthday", it doesn't mean that it must be used for a birthday card! Sit back, look at the cute image and think what other cards you can challenge yourself with! As for me, i looked through other digitals and found the New Home digital stamp to be the perfect fit!

Coloured using Copics markers and i made a slight mistake. i chose the pink shades a little too dark. I was aiming for a brighter pink pig, but it turned out to be a little too dark. =/ Couldn't bring myself to throw this away, so i sadly accept this poor fate on the pig.

Sentiment from Simon Says Stamp "Happy" sentiments stamp set.

That's all for today folks! Have a great week!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Let's Fly A Kite

 photo IMG_20141220_125437.jpg
Hi there! This card has been circulating the web for awhile..... Made this back in Dec 2014 and it has been on my instagram and proud to say, on Mama Elephant's re-gram too! If you are a fellow crafter, you will understand my excitement, right? When it was re-gramed, my followers shot up! So so so encouraging. Best year end gift from one my favourite stamping company.

And this was made possible because i had a customer who was very encouraging and inspiring too. He found my work somewhere (probably on Carousell) and he emailed me very clearly what he wanted on the box card, yet he trusted my skill to decide on other designs too.

Side track, there are sometimes when a customer wants something so specific that anything "extra" that you do will deem "not nice" by a customer. At those times, i feel sad and restricted because when someone engages me, i hope they love my taste and design concept already. However, no matter what, i learn from every order i get. I learn to ask specific questions before accepting orders. Example, are there any colors i should avoid or can i use cute images.

Anyway, back to the customer. He signed off with his Dayre account and i did some "background" check and found out he was a special person. To cut the story short, he suffered a stroke last year when he was just 20 years old. Read more here and do feel free to shower him with words of encouragement. :)

After reading his posts, i felt "connected" to him and i feel a bless to be able to make him a 6 years anniversary card for his girlfriend who stood by such tough times. I can't image what went on in her mind when she picked up a call telling her that her boyfriend is in the hospital. For me, i think i will break down mentally and physically. Hmmmm, i am not good in dealing with hospital news. =/

 photo IMG_20141222_223854.jpg

 photo IMG_20141222_223755.jpg

 photo IMG_20141222_223645.jpg

Trees are from a  My Favourite Things die cut. Boy and girl image from Mama Elephant stamp set. Kite from an Imaginise stamp set. Lastly, the tent was printed from an online image.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Twenty Fifteen

 photo IMG_20141228_093452.jpg

Hi everyone! I am sorry i have disappeared for sooooo long. December 2014 was SO SO crazy. I am not too sure where i should begin from. So let me write it down in point form instead. You can always skip through my rants and go right to the bottom to enjoy another card i made using Gerda Steiner Designs Digital Stamp..........

  • At the beginning of December, my house had a renovation for both the kitchen and master bedroom toilet. If you live in Singapore, you will probably know something called the "HDB Improvement/Upgrade Program". So basically, if your flat is over 30 years old, the government will carry out various upgrade programmes such as making lift landings on every storey, renovating your toilets and repairing your ceilings at a greatly discounted price. It is almost like 1/10 of the initial renovation price. And with such perks, comes great inconvenience. For 10 days, the house will be very very dusty and dirty and no toilet or water to use. They will set up toilets and showering areas downstairs your block and you will have to head down to brush your teeth, bath or go to the loo. Can you imagine my horror?!
  • My mum had a very nice friend (friends over 30 years, amazing) who stayed nearby and offered a room in her flat to let us stay. So i and parents stayed over her place for 2 weeks and occasionally went back to our house to take a look. For 2 weeks, i barely crafted so i took a break from all crafting related stuff, except for the Black Friday Sales Shopping. hahahah!
  • Mid December, i moved back home and that very weekend, i had a severe food poisoning. It was like a coincidence that my body wanted to test how great the new toilet is! I used (i mean, bomb) the toilet every hour for 5 to 6 times and thank god, the flush or the toilet bowl didn't spoil. hahaha!
  • And after my food poisoning got better, my room lock spoilt! And the best part is, i was stuck INSIDE my room. Morning horror!! Couldn't get out to prepare for work! Called my mum and she rushed home from work in a cab to save me. She had to ask the workers downstairs to come up with a hammer to hammer off the door knob. And just as i thought i was free from my room, i found out that my house won't have electricity for the next 6 hours because they were re-wiring the electricity cables for the block. SIGH~ So i couldn't do anything except going back to sleep! Took a medical leave from work that day because my tummy still wasn't feeling well.
  • The following week, i had an allergy attack (no idea what caused it) but i was hyper ventilating and my face and ears were red, arms were itchy and shaking too. So immediately went to my nearby clinic for an injection to stop all this. For the next few days, i was always sleepy and i had to be caution with my food because i had to avoid high histamine food for the time being.
  • Then back to my house....... for the next few days or weeks, we had to clear the after mess of the construction and we took the chance to paint our living room and kitchen, changed the windows in the living room because they were damaged and dangerous and changed a few of our furnitures. 
It was soooo busy and i barely had time to make christmas cards. Even if i made them, i didn't have time to take a photo of them! December pass quickly with the many christmas celebrations and new year parties and here i am sitting down blogging. Oh, one more thing! I bought a Silhouette Cameo during the Black Friday sales. Cheers to amazing die-cutting and party decos! I also retired my 6, almost 7, years old macbook and bought a new iMac! Amazing oh-so amazing!! Blogging and editing photos now will be so much smoother now. No more lagging!

So this post sums up the end of my 2014. Thank you everyone who has been here for me in one way r another. Here's 2015 and 2 cards to kick-off MLcraft's 2015 card collection.

 photo IMG_20141228_093804.jpg

Last but not least, i want to thank Gerda and the GSD team. They are amazing ladies and understood i had to take the time off my "duties" to finish the pile of events stated above.

You guys can download the cute kitten floating with balloon at THIS link.