Thursday, February 19, 2015

Happy Chinese New Year

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Hello everybody! As a Chinese, we celebrate the Chinese New Year and eat lots of food during this period of time! We will go to relatives and friends house to do visiting and by custom, we eat there too. So imagine when i have 4 houses to go in a day? 4 meals in total! We will often eat steamboat because it is a good way to sit together and eat hot food constantly. No worries that the dishes will turn cold! Other than proper food, we drink lots of sweet packet drinks and have lots of tidbits. Thank goodness, i love tidbits! So i am a very happy girl! ^.^

Other than eating, we collect ang baos (red packets) too! We exchange auspicious phrases and the married couples will the single ones (which is me!) a red packet as a form of blessing. In a few years time i will be getting married, so my days of getting a red packet is cutting short! And in return, i will be giving out red packets to the kids! The cycle continues~

I made the above 3 cards using Mama Elephant's cosmic stars stamp set. This year is the Goat year under the Lunar calendar, so luckily the cosmic stars has Aries and Capricorn to represent 2 different kind of Goats. Pisces are 2 fishes that happen to represent a Chinese auspicious phrase that we often use. Sentiments by Micia Stamp which were bought by my friend from Taiwan. They are so lovely and pretty but slightly costly. Perhaps next year i will be doing red packets instead since there was a demand this year. ;)


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