Saturday, September 27, 2014

RAK: Thinking of you

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A few weeks ago, i had a surge of feeling/thoughts. That feeling/thoughts was "I have to make a few cards to send to some of my friends that i haven't met or chat in a long time!"

So i thought of a few and whatsapp them for their address. The obvious first thoughts from them were "YOU GONNA SEND ME YOUR WEDDING INVITATION?!" Hahaha.... Nah, but i will save your address and make sure I send them in future.

So here's a card for a friend who i have known through our favourite sport, Volleyball. She and i are always in slippers and we often meet at the Beach nowadays than in an indoor volleyball court. Used to stay over at her place for mahjong, BBQ, watch Soccer or just for some random sleepover. I could stay over at her place for 2 nights in row, i remember. She played a big part in my Poly days.

Glad i brought a smile on her face when she received this card and i hope i do so more often. Don't want to forget my friends. :)


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