Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Flying Away

 photo IMG_7273.jpg

Saw a smiliar card on Pinterest the other day and i've decided to do one too because it is a good way to use up my Maya Road house chipboard and colorful buttons. Not forgetting, i recently got the Amy Tangerine stamp set which is i think is under the Yes, Please collection - so it has a roll of house stamp which fits just right at the bottom of the card!

I think the most tedious part is threading those button holes with floss and sticking them down with my glue dots.

I understand people always love using glue dots and they seem to use them very easily. But not for me! I always fumble around the roll of glue dots and it doesn't come off from the packaging backing easily. haha.. It is always like my embellishment stuck on the backing instead of the glue dot sticking onto my embellishment. I think i have butter fingers~

Anyway, hope this card brought a smile on your face!


i really love this card! such a cute idea! (:

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