Sunday, June 2, 2013

How the process goes...

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Hello everyone! It's Saturday and the sun is looking up! Time for a post at MLcraft but instead of the usual card posting, i would like to share a post!

As i was making cards the other day, i thought to share the chaos in my room/brain with you people so you will know a little on how my cards are being made. If you don't know how my craft area look, click here to see pictures!

So currently, i am working on an order that requires me to have Cat images on the cards for different occasions. I don't have many cat stamp sets but lucky me, i have wonderful friends around me who are willing to lend me their stamp sets for the time being and let me dirty them even though they are brand new. So sweet, right? =D

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So here's the mess on the table with all the stamp set and papers for me to dig through and use. Plus other materials necessary for making cards.

 photo 20130528_015715.jpg
There will always be pre-folded card bases infront of me so i can just keep taking them and making one card after another.

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I will pre-color the images and it will be a good comparison for me to decide what color i want the cats to be and match it with the papers going to be use. Lastly, it is to keep a record on what color markers i use because i have a limited memory space brain. hehe..

 photo 20130528_015642.jpg
As for the layout of the cards, i have a card sketch book which i downloaded the template from here. I think everybody in the crafting industry knows her, she's amazing! haha.. It is really good to have this book in my bag as it is small and thin.

 photo 20130528_015828.jpg
Other than a sketch book, i also have my computer on with Youtube music videos to keep me company and i will be on Pinterest website to collect ideas.

I can't share the cards i made yet. But if you are interested, "LIKE" me on my facebook page (look to your right side panel) and you will have news feed on my weekly cardmaking updates!


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