Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Humpty Dumpty


One of the last few photos of myself as a baby being scrapped. Don't know why but i have very little photos of myself as a kid. Not sure if it is because my mum didn't take much (since i was the 3rd child) or if the others are lost when we moved house last time. Anyway, here's a pic of myself when i was only about 6months ago. SO MUCH BABY FATS~~~ I would say i don't find any resemblance of myself in this pic. haha..

Some brads, doily, SC camera wood veneer and washi tapes. As usual, using JB tab punch to decorate my page.

Majority of the papers used were from a paper pad i bought at Spotlight. I bought a baby boy and baby girl paper stack at $15 each because i know i'll be doing more baby layouts in future since im expecting my nephew to arrive at the end of this year. I do pray that he'll be born in 2013 though.... save him from the dragon baby crowd. Anyway, the papers were those thin type so it was a stack with about 60 pcs.. I also attempted to use a tracing paper as part of my layering because i saw alot of scrappers using brown paper bags or other materials in their layouts and it was an added interest! I'm glad i took this leap because i really love it! :)

I've been dying to use the kraft arrows that WaiSam die-cutted for me the last time we met. She has a silhouette machine and was kind enough to cut some pieces from the Summer Stamp School kit for me to play around. So i pasted them down and painstakingly stitched them on to create a more textured look.

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