Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Hello everyone! It's the eve on Singapore's National Day and it is nice to wake up in the morning and hear the school underneath my block singing all the lovely National Day songs. Sounds really good!

So here I've been quieter than usual because I am back in office doing all the paperwork after my event and also selling off my graduation series card. Hope you found something that you like during the series.

While being a busy bee, i did get a chance to do a small card because it started off with playing with my shades of green washi tapes. I can say my collection has grown this year because i found a cheaper source of "supplier".

Pasted rows of washi tapes, tied a Twine around it and punched 3 hearts out to create a negative and pasted the 3 alphabets that all lovers love to say..... very quick and simple card to drop a sweet note to your lover.

I am all excited now because i should be heading down to IKEA tomorrow to book my new furnitures for my room. However, before i even start packing my 2 tables to prepare them for disposal, i am already starting to feel that i will miss it... sigh^ 


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