Thursday, July 12, 2012


I have an awesome sister who is always tasking me to do wedding cards. I'm amazed with the number of weddings she attends. =O

Anyway, i knew the bride and she is a sweet lady who happened to have taught me earring making before. The class was not easy at all with all the twisting of wires! haha..

I had minimal knowledge of the wedding theme but my sister just mentioned to me that the colors used were blue and yellow. So i went along that line and created this.

Popped up Bride and Groom. And the flowers were dry embossed.

AC thickers glittered with waterfall stickles.

The inside of the card looks like this!

And the back of the card is an envelope style to insert money or the red packet for the couple.

The size of the entire card is the 8.5" by approximately 3.7".. Rectangle sized~


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