Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Back On Track

Yes, I'm back on track because I have a "slot" of time being freed up since i no longer need to study cause i passed all my papers already! Yahoooo!

And for the month of August, i have 3 scrap projects on hand to complete plus a table to set up. Setting up a table also means that i have to start clearing, destashing and throwing away all those that i no longer need. I promise to keep less things on my table. Problem with me is that i like to keep all the stuffs that i need at arms length and putting on my table is the best solution. Eventually, it becomes so cluttered till i only left a 12" by 12" space to work with. -.-"

Keeping my fingers crossed about my resolutions for my new table!


love the crafting, loathe the packing haha! totally feel you. can't wait to see your new table when its up (:

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