Friday, July 20, 2012

*SMASH book for Baby


My sister is expecting a new addition into the family and she needed a book to record her thoughts, feelings etc during the pregnancy. There isn't much i can do but to help her find a book that the baby and her deserves. As i was sourcing for the book, the gender is still unknown so i had to find something gender neutral yet still baby themed. And so i started my hunt for books and eventually went for the Black *Smash Book. It is my first time looking at it upclose and oh dear...... the papers are such good quality and the patterns are preeeeetty! I wanted to get her just the book, but i ended up seeing cute baby themed papers by doodlebug and they were on discount, i bought a few sheets and cut them up to make pockets in the book. She can always insert memorabilia.

Decorated some of the pages as well so it will be more enjoyable for her to do her recording.

She is not a scrapbooker, so i had to find things that are easy for her to use too. did more pockets out of the scrap papers.. made journaling cards... did some tags so she could easily write the baby's details during her ultrasounds.... had a few alphabets stickers... washi tapes so she can carry around easily and stick it down.. lastly tape runner and some cute baby buttons for decoration! Those buttons are really cute and i couldn't resist getting them once i saw it.

Overall, i am glad she is happy with what she got and i REALLY hope she don't give up halfway. =p


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