Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What a snatch!


Let you in to a secret....................
This is my 1st 12x12 Album!
Ok, you might be wondering where i keep my layouts then, right? Hehe.. i keep them in the plastics that i get when i buy 12x12 papers from LSS. And after inserting them in the plastics, i keep them under my computer desk.

What made me finally buy this album is because it was on 50%! Which is only $30 after the discount and it was thanks to MWL's moving out sales and the National Scrapbooking Day offers. Oh yah, how did you spend your weekends?

So here i am, happy and contented with my purchase and i can't wait to use it!

Next up, if you happen to see this post and the layout of this website is hay-wired, please do not panick! I'm in the middle of changing the layout. Will most probably remain as it is, in BOXES format but different colors and probably a tab on where i get my inspirations from. Stay Tune!


i have 3 of this and they are awesome! the plastic pockets are pretty thick =)

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