Monday, May 7, 2012


Hi! I'm back again and for the first time, i'm using a chevron paper! The rave of this zig-zag pattern is huge in the scrapbooking world now and i have to say, i'm part of it. I even bought a washi tape with zig-zag pattern during MWL 50% sales! To be honest, washi tapes are too ex unless they are on sale. =(

I initially wanted to distress the sides of the tag with stormy sky distress ink. But i ended up having lines because i sponged it too quickly. So i instead of throwing away the tag, i pretty much soaked the tag into the ink pad and got it so wet until it curled up! But thank god for heavy books, i manage to straighten it out and thank god the tag did not end up too weak and soft.


Simple finishing inside.


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