Monday, May 21, 2012


I'm getting tangled up in Twines! I bought 5 different colors of twines over a period of 2 weeks and to be honest, i can't bear to use them. =( Toooooo pretty.....

Got the above 3 colors (Airmail, peppermint and black&white Divine Twines) from Scrappin'Love. They were offering them at an amazing price because the LSS that i always buy from only sells the BIG BIG spool of airmail twines, which is totally crazy if i buy it. They were so nicely packaged and the tag really brings a smile.

These 3 creamy-licious colors are from The Twinery and they feel really really soft! When i saw all the colors of the twines in the bin of my LSS, i almost wanted to rub my face in it. All the colors were amazing but my pocket is limited. So i chose the special colors and bid the rest goodbye.

Whatever it is, all this twines are making me happy now.


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