Thursday, May 24, 2012

Happy Colors


Bought a watercolor sketch pad from diaso that day and wanted to try how great it would be. Wanted to stamp 1 balloon only but i ended up stamping ALOT of them and staggering them up and down, which made them look like they are floating up. Colored them with my watercolor pencils and labeled them with the numbers found on each on the pencils. Really love the colors found on one single page! Makes me so happy by just looking at it! Anyway, my verdict is..... the paper is pretty decent for a $2 price and it allows the color to blend well. However, if you notice from the pic, it is not exactly a smooth surface.. kinda feels abit rough and looks kinda rough too. Probably good for draft coloring.


I actually love the look and feel of hot/cold-pressed watercolour paper for cards. Think the texture looks lovely here. Oh and I adore your blog header slideshow and wonder how you do it.

Thanks Sandy for your kind words! Anyway, i got this blog template from .. they have lots of free templates and i just searched for one that has the function "Slider".. You may give it a shot and let me know if u have any problem. :)

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