Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tough Day

Very tough day for myself today. Felt unproductive at work just because 2 part timers decided to back out from my upcoming roadshow. Kinda pin high hopes on them and they end up like this. Hais.

Along with the tough day, 2 of my colleagues has fallen ill and i believe i have caught their bug because i'm starting to sneeze now and the mucus seem to start flowing unknowingly. Oh dear~ Please don't let me catch the flu bug. :(

Even though i felt heavy at heart and at mind but something made me laugh today. Yap! The picture attached on the right is what i saw on the newspaper and i think it's pretty true. The 4th method will definitely work in Singapore. ;)


Get well soon Madey =) btw how's your insurance exam? I just took M1a this Monday, still have quite a number of modules to go >_<

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