Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Scrap Loads


More goodies from Joan! You can check out her blog at to know more about this awesome kind lady! She's currently updating her Europe trip photos and it makes me feel like going on a holiday!

An update from the last post, Joan knows my brother-in-law and they used to be colleagues. So they caught up after CNY for lunch and Joan was so nice to pass me more stuff. It was like christmas once again! haha...

Look at the amount of pattern papers she gave me!

Along with other emblishments and stickers.

She also gave me this dry embossing alpha sets because she now owns a lovely Big Shot machine. *Envious*

Of all the many things, i picked out these 4 items that i want to talk about.
Top Left: YES!! MORE DOILIES! She was so nice to pass me more of each size so i didn't have to head down to SKP and get one big pack of 500 and have a headache on how to keep them. LOL!
Top Right: A bag of GLITTERED Die-cuts. oh my goodness.... it looks so beautiful but so scary! To be honest, i didn't take it out of the bag. LOL! I don't dare to touch because i am afraid of glitters raining down. =/
Bottom Left: Tags, die-cut journal tags and journal stickers are my current "wants" too becuase i don't have a die-cut machine so i either cut them myself or....... buy them. hehe.
Bottom Right: My eyes lit up the moment i saw the Colorbox Chalk ink! They were all brand new so i haven't got a chance to open them up and try. I hope the brown is dark enough because i'm actually looking for brown inks.

With the 2 big stash that she gave me plus more Diaso hauls i did myself, i found myself not having enough boxes to fit them. So i specially went to Diaso (yes, again) and Giant last night to buy zip lock bags and containers with wheels to reorganize everything. To be honest, i used to only have a Paper Market bag full of thickers, probably 20 pieces of 12x12 papers, 1 A4 box of trims/ribbons, 1 A4 box of emblishments etc.. but it has since grown alot with the numerous 40% and 60% sales that LSS had end of last year.

Joke: Joan text me the night before meeting my brother-in-law to let me know that the bag would be heavy. So i texted my brother-in-law and told him that i will treat him a cup of coffee since he helped me carry it. The next day after he met Joan, he texted me jokingly and said "wah! very heavy lehs. now you must treat me ONE BIG POT of coffee!" LOL!!


wow! you're lucky. i found out her give-away post on MWL forum last night =)

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