Thursday, January 19, 2012

Scrap Loots

Received this stack of goodies from Joan who posted on Made With Love Forum saying that she is giving away some of her scrap stuff because she no longer uses them. I had no idea what she would be giving away but i decided to PM her because i didn't mind having more supplies in my stash to work with. I understand it will be painful to throw away scrapbooking supplies if you don't need them and are not really appropriate to be given away too. When I met her, i was so shocked at the amount of 12x12 papers she gave away. There were a few duplicates but they were all glittered - So they are certainly not cheap. I was so happy because to be honest, i don't have alot of 12x12 papers because i only buy them when i want/need to do a layout.

Then i started to look at every single paper and there was a stack of paper packed in a plastic. So i opened it up and smaller items started to fall out. Guess what, there were more!!

Photobucket A few tags, stickers and diecut butterflies plus buttons.

Photobucket DOLLIES!! i was SO SO SO excited when i saw them. I actually told myself to use them sparingly because there were only a few. But i decided to text Joan to ask where she got them. hahaha! Thank goodness she remember... get them at SKP and its a pack of about 500 at a real cheap price. I believe it definitely beats buying from our LSS. ;)

After adding her on FB, then i found out she was my Jie-Fu's ex-colleague. haha.. what a small world.

Thanks Joan! You really made my day!


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