Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cute Title

This is one of the cutest titles i have thought of so far. This birthday card was made for my dearest friend, Qiuting, whom i have known so long but still didn't know what present to get for her. However, i know she appreciates every card i have made for her. So i set out to make a card first then think about the present later. Choose a favourite Penny Black stamp and started coloring it. As i colored, it suddenly amused me that the character looked like it was trying to squeeze itself into the box. So a title suddenly popped up and i immediately jotted it down! "HOW I WISH I COULD WRAP MYSELF UP FOR U." However.............. while stamping the alphabets... i missed out up and went for "2u" instead. Anyway, the meaning is there!

I've got to admit that i really love Ranger's stickers because i have always had a love hate relationship with glitter stuff. I like the blings but i hate the ones that will keep dropping and i end up having some blings on my face and stubborn ones on my hands that can't seem to wash off. But Ranger's stickers are super blinged and they definitely won't fall all over the place! Cheers to that!


This is soooooo sweet! I'm sure Qiuting will love it! :)

P/s: Yes, I love stickles...except it gets really expensive if you need to cover a big area. I still have glitter in my room for the stuff I made for my cousin's wedding last never goes

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