Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dollar Stores

Leanne does amazing altered projects with trims and sprays. She has lots of DIY videos and i learn making beaded sprays from her too! Anyway, the point of me sharing this haul video is.......... CAN SINGAPORE HAVE FREAKING MORE $2 STORES LIKE DIASO?!!!!!! 


Super duper envious whenever i see Americans shop at their Dollar stores or Dollar sections in Micheal's. Their Dollar is appx our $2 diaso store but they have freaking awesome and cool products which i seldom see in Diaso. Not that Diaso has nothing, BUT I WISH FOR MORE CHOICES! Please bring some Dollar Stores over to Singapore, pleaseeeee......?

However, if there is more such Diaso stores around in Singapore.......... i think i will need to sign up for shopaholic rehab classes at the end. Diaso is already sucking quite abit of my money. Can't imagine if i see the same stuffs mentioned in the video selling for $2............... =O


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