Sunday, February 12, 2012

Etsy Roses & Trims

I've been real busy at work preparing for my upcoming roadshows and my exam papers. Stopped scrapping for the time being because all i want to do when i get home is to lie down and rest. I'll be back with more scrapping in March.

However, i am in the middle of online shopping. The above 3 websites are: and Pro31 and Karlas001 Etsy. I've spent the longest time looking for retailers to sell white/ivory mulberry flowers in large pack and low price. These websites sell them in pack of 100s and they sell very pretty trims and skeleton leaves too! The paper flowers sold in LSS are too overpriced and afterall, they are just papers!

I've just emailed Pro31 and iamroses asking about the shipping prices to Singapore. Hopefully it will be reasonable too. I understand that they send in those Mail Boxes that have S/M/L Sizes. I hope i can stuff alot of things into a S or M Size box since flowers and trims are quite light and can be "squeezed". I hope to pack as many stuff as possible so i can maximise the shipping cost!

If you happen to have purchased from them b4, let me know, yea?

I'll be back with more news soon!


Hiz! I am also thinking of ordering flowers from iamroses. Let me know if it's good k?


Hope you get a good deal on the flowers! I'm not much of a paper flower person but the Prima ones are definitely overpriced. I think they sell them cheaply in Bangkok...may be worthwhile to make a trip down if you need to buy a lot!

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