Saturday, December 10, 2011

Reviews & Releases

Finally got my hands on this! This is the smaller Fiskers Stamp Press because the big one is really too big for my usage now. Anyway, i finally got the chance to stop by MapleTreeHouse store after one of my interview to take a look and it was neater and more comfortable than i expected! It was a walking distance from the MRT and it was situated on the 2nd level of a "Car-selling" place. Imagine there were uncles and smoking people looking at me when i was trying to find the store. =/ But the store itself was easy to walk around and good thing is, you can put down ur barang barangs and pick your items!

So i finally met Keefe whom i had exchanged a few emails before and i always thought it was a girl cause i pronounce the name as "Kee-fe". End up it was a guy and its pronounced as "Keefe", silencing the "f", something like "Keith". I really felt so embarrassed when i said "Kee-fe and Sylvia is not working today?" *Blush*

Anyway, he was really nice to share all the projects and best selling items in the store so i didn't have to think too long on the colors. The nice thing about visiting the store is that i get to see some items opened up because they have samples of it. He also answered alot of my questions and I am so thankful that i asked him about the MS circle cutter because he enlightened me that the MS website has reviews on their products!
So i've been looking for a circle cutter and i wanted to get this because it can cut circles as small as 1inch but the reviews online was....... terrible. =/ It isn't as simple as it seems when i watched youtube reviews and there were so many disappointment on the ms reviews.
The bigger circle cutter got better overall reviews but the smallest circle it could cut is 4inch, which is still abit too big for my liking. And someone on the ms review mentioned that the measurement knob will move when you are cutting the circle. Which makes some parts of ur circle 8inch while another side is 7 7/8inch. =/

So people out there, enlighten me on a circle cutter that can cut small circles about 1 or 2inch, that does not "glide around" when you are cutting and is easy to use. 

My google reader recently has been soooooo yummy because all the major crafting brands are releasing new items to present in the upcoming CHA! And with so many releases and sneak previews, there are equally many giveaways as well!! Yum Yum! Check out Hero Arts new stamps and Lawn Fawn new "Love n Breakfast" stamp set!

Forgetful me! I forgot to take the M3H catalog when i left. Let's hope i remember to take a copy when i visit them again to collect my giveaway prize!


i know ek success has this circle cutter, scissors pro or smth that has pretty good reviews (: you google and hv a look see, happy using your new scrappy pdts!

Thanks for telling me about it! It looks great and the review seems good. =)

You can try daiso.. I found a circle cutter which is pretty decent for $2!! Lemme know if u want a picture of it!

Madey, how much did you get this for? what's the size? thinking of getting one as I only have very very small piece of acrylic block.

Hi Sam. Got it at $28.20 with i think 15% discount at M3H. There is one bad point about this though.... i can't clean my stamps with my Ranger stamp cleaner pad. have to take the stamp and stick onto a acrylic block to clean.

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