Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lucky Lucky

I forgot today is the 8th Dec and MapleTreeHouse was announcing their lucky winner for their Winter Distress Ink giveaway. So unknowingly, i searched for MapleTreeHouse on my Facebook and saw that Sandy has picked her lucky winner on her blog

Wwwweeeeeee......!!! I'm the lucky one and i can't wait to try this 3 inks! It is my first time winning such a thing and i always believe i don't have such luck on lucky draws. I am really thankful that Sandy picked me and M3H had such a great giveaway! =D

For those who don't know about these 3 inks........ They are seasonal distress inks that do not have reinkers and will only be released during the season. Meaning, if the winter colors are sold out, you got to wait till next year!

God has been really kind to me this few days! Aside from winning the inks, I received 3 calls for interview in total within 2 days and they are all pretty good companies. All i hope is that i can ace the interviews! I've been to numerous interviews for Part Time or Temporary jobs but it is my first time for Full Time job. Securing an interview is like completing half of the journey to getting the job for real. Cheers!

I hope everyone out there are feeling lucky too. ;)


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