Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mummy, It's Over!!

Got this picture off Facebook. IT IS TOO CUTE TO RESIST. lol! Like what QT said, "we must have looked like this from 1.10 to 1.15pm today. *_*" And yes, i definitely look like this cause i couldn't finish all the questions on the Investment paper not because i didn't know but i probably had too much things to write and was so worried on the calculations. Sigh~ Investment paper is always a high failure rate paper. So, at least i know i am not going to fail. =D

Had a satisfying lunch with QT at JP and went to run some errands. My hairdresser was so nice because i wanted to get my fringe cut so urgently that i told him that if the waiting time is too long, i don't mind getting others to cut. And he came to me within 5min while making another lady wait for a moment to attend to me. SO SWEET! I guess i was coughing really badly. Yahhhhh, i'm still sick and not getting better. It's time to seek the doctor~

The first thing i got home was to tidy my table! I literally threw out all my sketch notes and piled all the books on the other cupboard at the side of my room and i threw away all my ink-less pens. Now, my table have only a crafting mat, crafting sheet and my stationaries. CLEANEST TABLE EVER! i promise i will take a photo for you in my next entry!

So this exam marks the end of my university life, hopefully all passes~ And i have to start job hunting soon! Time for me to head back to bed while its raining now!


congrats on the end of exams! (: i totally know how you feel about the last paper, so liberating (: now you have more time to get crafty yeah? haha

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