Monday, October 31, 2011


Everyday at about 1 or 2pm, the sky will start to turn dark and the thunders will be heard. Next, the heavy rain will start pouring. I end up staying home and not going out for a few weeks. Except on days when i need to head to school to settle some stuff and attend my exams. Sigh~ 2 more papers and it will be all over.

Other than the crazy weather that is changing, my health is getting worst. I think its the weather causing it. One moment hot, one moment cold. Arghs! Having lots of phlegm in my chest causing me to have breathing difficulties.

If you had noticed, I've also changed the layout of my blog. Removed the tagboard because its getting irritating when i see people asking me to click on their ads or follow their blog back but the links are unavailable! HELLO~ if you want me to see your blog then give me a valid link. Then again, it might be some viral spam or something. Whatever it is, i've got my comments section and if you guys have anything to ask me - leave a comment.

Call me noob or something, i didn't know blogger has this "Reading List" thingy and i can follow website or blogspot urls. hahaha! Now it saves all my trouble. But too bad, i'm too lazy to re-enter all the links and display on my website. Unless there's like a direct widget that allows me to display my "reading list", if not i think i won't re-enter the whole list again.

Till then, have a great Monday!


Hi Madey,

Thanks for coming by my blog with such lovely comments! (: love the whole layout of your site! Keep scrapping, will be following your blog updates (:


Lol, you dig your blog out of the deep pile of dust liao ah?

Juanna, Thank you! You keep scrapping too!

Dawn, Yes. I've been wanting to blog again. And since my exams are going to be over soon. I guess i will have lots of time to update. HEH! Nice website btw.

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