Tuesday, November 8, 2011

See, as promised! If u think this desk is not neat then U R SO WRONG. totally neat for MY DESK. If you are wondering where's my craft items..... They are under my desk. And on the right, there's a computer table to house my laptop and my picture frames/souvenirs and etc!

My level of "sick" has taken a step further. I guess i will seek the doc soon. The cough has been interrupting my sleep and appetite.

House hasn't been peaceful due to some issues with my dad and bro. As of now, they have "signed" a peace treaty so i hope all are calm. Totally gave me a headache when i was outside with B having dinner. Really sucks being in such situation.

Gonna go update my resume and send out to a few companies. Wish me luck!


Hope you feel better soon. My craft table is super neat too as I haven't been crafting much this month.

That's a neat desk by my standards. :)

Hope you feel better soon.

Time for you to join us in the corporate world out there. Hahaha.

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