Monday, October 10, 2011

Real Steel

When I first caught the preview of this movie in the cinema, it totally attracted me. Not knowing what exactly it was - just knew it was some robot fighting show with humans controlling them... i went ahead to catch the movie.

Oh my my my... it surprised me so much that here i am, writing a post on it.

Never expected it to have a family element in the show by at the end of the credit role, Walt Disney played a part. Sooooooo... this movie is for the young and old.

Next, i recognize the female lead from Prison Break but i kept telling my partner, "who's that guy arh?! y he so familiar?". I've never remembered people's name in shows but just their face. So i was very sure "Hugh Jackman" is a man i've seen acting before, just that i don't know where!! Until the very last part of the movie where Hugh Jackman was asked to fight to control the robot and he was waving his punches up and down THEN I REALIZE HE IS WOLVERINE!!! omg....... i love wolverine since young.

So anyway, this movie surprised me very much. Especially the kid. Okay, maybe cause the preview didn't show much~ so guys out there, if you have the time - GO CATCH IT!


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