Friday, October 14, 2011

Maple Tree House


Hi guys! LOOK AT THE GOODIES ABOVE! Don't ask how much i spent in total cause i'm too shy to talk about it. BUT........ i'm really satisfied with it. These shall keep me going for making more Christmas cards.

The whole point of this post is that i SAVED ALOT even though there are a few negative thoughts along the way.

As you may know, there isn't alot of scrapbook stores in Singapore and the common ones like Paper Market and Made With Love have their prices marked up by ALOT! And i really mean alot because I'm going to share with you a website that i found. I am not doing an advertorial for them, but good things are worth sharing with friends, right?

Maple Tree House (M3h) houses the cheapest deal for scrapbooking items. Some items are pre-orders while some of them are available stocks. The pre-orders take about a month or 2. But its okay for me cause i can wait... and this time, i bought alot at a go so i was entitled free delivery to my doorstep at my destinated timeframe because they use a private courier company.

They were packed in bubblewrap envelope and when i opened it, it was like christmas to me! Except the fact that i burned a big hole in my pocket and i am still thinking of getting more stuff like the MS circle cutter! hehe.

Anyway, M3h provided an excellent customer service when i had so many questions! They answered all and it proved that they have excellent knowledge of their products. Thank you Keefe and Sylvia for all the tips.

I can't deny that some things are better to be bought after feeling and seeing in person but i don't like the idea of squeezing with people while i make comparisons and then i can't keep track of my expenses and have to carry the items home. So with the mentioned factors, i've decided that online shopping suits me better. UNLESS i need something urgently. Another plus point would be choosing the stamps. I like the idea of searching "birthday stamps" and have all the stamp sets appear infront of me instead of squirting up and down, opening drawers to find the right stamp sets.

On the website, there were so many deals here and there that i missed out their "50% off deal for every $45 spent" and i think i missed out ALOT of good stuff at that section. =( Makes me so sad because i could have gotten 6-8 items at 50% from that section! arghhhh.. careless me. I didn't see that section! There are so many pretty items in there!

I noticed that some items have increased in price since i last purchased them. But u can still save alot as compared to buying from a physical store out there. I do hope that M3h continue to maintain their low prices so i don't have to run around getting items.

Anyway, i had a little hard time with the courier company when i missed the knocking sound at my door and the phone call. So i called the person back requesting him to come back at night but when the clock stroked 9pm, no one was seen at my doorstep. Which kinda made me so angry because i could have gone out. Anyway, i called the person back and he totally forgot i called him in the afternoon, so he kept apologizing. I gave in and told him they could redeliver the next day between 8-10am. However, i'm not sure what went wrong because they delivered at 1130am instead. Argh! i had to wake up so early on a Saturday and sit by the boring TV to wait for them. Tried calling the toll-free hotline but no one answered. I checked the online tracking system and saw my parcel leave the branch only at 930am. Enough said - i don't know if i should blame myself for missing the delivery time or the courier company for screwing up. They had no feedback link on their website either.


I've made a few reviews on M3h website on a few items i bought. Making reviews along the way while i'm using them. Some items you could check would be the Ranger Craft Sheet,

Glossy Accents

Aqua Flo Brush (came in 3 brush sizes) - FYI, I had no prior experience in watercoloring.

Ranger's black diamond stickers - Look at the glitters!! so pretty and clustered together!

I bought this 6x6 paper pad at a very cheap price but no reviews on it because all papers are pretty to me. haha!

M3h is still growing and bringing more variety of items. Some stuff i look forward to would be their basic color cardstocks (e.g. from American Craft) because it is good for cardmaking or more paper pads or maybe Fiskers Punch series. oh yes, i'm eyeing on the Fiskers stamp press for my next haul. hehe~

I hope that after my exams or for my next month's haul, i can go down to their store to take a look and maybe have a chat with them since its not very far from my home. Till then, i hope you guys take care.


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