Saturday, September 10, 2011

*Knock Knock*

Yes, *Knock Knock* Who's there? No-ones there....... I've been missing from Blogsphere because of many reasons. Example Twitter, School, Boyfriend, Laziness, Facebook etc etc etc..... And people seldom read blogs now! I guess when this entry goes up, no one notices too!

Anyway, i'm back here because there is a possibility that i am exploring and i would like to share a little. That's Scrapbooking.. Over the years, i bought alot of stuff from Papermarket, Made with Love and Spotlight. And i always use abit and forget about it after that. And if you are a singaporean, you would know that scrapbooking items here are seriously expensive. My bf always comment that it is WAY OVERPRICED. =(

And as I watch more youtube videos and hear some of the Americans say things like "you can get this at Walmart for about 2dollars..." then I start to grumble and hope i was living there. So as my items start to pile up from 1 box.. to 2 box... 3 boxes... and now the coming 4th box........ My bf says i should start doing cards again.... for people's birthday, christmas, Thank you cards etc! So i set a goal in mind and started sourcing for some essentials and i chanced upon a website. I found an e-shop that has cheap deal for scrapbooking items and i am super excited! Can't wait for all the items to arrive and have my hands dig in to it. I'll post a photo either here or on fb when its here. Think i've got to wait for a month cause most of the items i bought were pre-orders. =/

Here's a birthday card i made for my good friend, Flora. This is one of my prettiest project i've made and i am glad i made it because her Dad pass away a day later. Not sure if she felt my love, but this card was made to show her that her project mates love and care for her. Kinda like a reminder for her when she sees the card. She really made my uni life easier. As i was doing this card, my inspiration came from her goodness and love for flowers.

In about a week or so, i'll be celebrating my 3 years anniversary along with a killer school project that has to be submitted. Haven't planned both. =( But i hope i'll "submit" both with an Ace. haha..


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