Saturday, February 6, 2010

Not sweet


I'm having a pretty emotional week. Emotional unstable with all the dreams i'm having. Every night i have one and i always wake up finding myself "talking" to myself. Like i can hear myself saying what i said in the dreams. I am not sure if this is what they call "stress".

I have multi projects going to be dued. I suddenly have so many things happening on the 20th Feb. Ethan's 1yr old, JianMing's 21st and my Grandma's birthday PLUS one of my essay's gonna be due on the very same day.

On the 15th, sweetie pie will be leaving for Australia. I am going to write in another post prolly on the day that she left so she can read it there.. But now, i am feeling emotional and i don't really want to talk about how i feel about her leaving here. Can't imagine when i can't find her as and when i want to. =(

I had another set of dreams that set me thinking about someone. With recent events that happened, my faith is losing. The sense of urgency is not there and i am not sure if it would change. Do women always feel this way............ emotionally wrecked? Or maybe i am hoping to get more attention. or maybe to feel more special. or maybe just prove something to me.

Valentine's day and Chinese New Year is coming...... everything doesn't seem sweet.

Happy note: I got into Council and i'm going for the camp tml. Hope everything's gonna be fun!


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