Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I remember there was one day after lecture, i said this to QT and R.

M: Eh! I wanna eat Twister Fries!
QT: I thought its called Curly Fries?
M: No lar! You ask R.
R: I think its Twister lehs.....
M: QT, wanna bet anot? LOL.
QT: Ehhhhh.. cannot lar.
M: I saw it on their sms to me lor!
R: Yah! I receive it too!
M: *M shows QT her phone* THERE! Let's go eat it tml!

LOL! We could easily bet on "is it twister or curly".... Anyway, doesn't make a diff lar. We ended up at Mcdonalds the next day! And thanks R for accompanying me last Friday to have it again. We didn't manage to finish all because i was not feeling well so i da-bao back and had it for supper along with my da-bao nuggets! =D

On the other hand, i received the RMITSC call today and i have arranged to have the interview this Friday. Having cold feet now! What if i can't make it.....? The ambassador failed interview really cause a phobia for me. BUT NEHMIND! I MADE IT FOR THE OIAP INTERVIEW AND I SHALL TRY MY BEST NOW! *Good Luck*


haha, i rmb R or isaac agreed with me tt it is curly fries. ahha!

Isaac was not ard lar. R initially agree. then she had second doubts.

lol. ohmymama just saw this post. R.

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