Thursday, January 21, 2010

Let's kill all projects

RMIT's pace is like a POLY TIMES 2 pace. Real fast and a month is going to pass just like that. And in another month time, i have 3 projects to hand in! HOW FAST?! Thus i held back my idea of going to find a PT job. So crappy lar... No income, no allowance.

I wonder when my mum will start giving me allowance again. Can't wait esp when i eat both meals outside and i spend my money on buying textbooks and printing notes because my bro says the printer at home is too expensive to print just notes. -.-

Lectures been great. Sitting with Qt and R. And as the weeks pass, somehow we started sitting closer to our OG mates and now we pretty much sit together and talk projects together. Amazing!

Our second home shall be NLB. And i was so noobish because that day was my FIRST time in NLB! I didn't even know there were tables with sockets for you to plug your laptop and thus i was the only one who didn't bring my laptop. LOL!

Volleyball CCA in SIM seems REAL quiet. I didn't see a notice board of volleyball nor did i see their booth during the CCA exhibition. So now, i do hope i will get into Council.

Today's mood is bad... must be last night's fault. I had a very very bad dream (Cut it short to say) that i was shot in the chest and my friend jumped down the block. Everything happened so logically cause in the dream it was a dejavu happening too. I end up waking up crying in fear. =/
Then i watched LOST and did a little research before going back to sleep and the next thing i knew, i was having another nightmare! This time my whole face was swollen like it had been bitten by tons of mosquitoes! The color of my face was white and raw, and i had no eyebrowns. It was pretty freaky. SIGH~ Now i am feeling so moodless. =(

Photo of my OG mates taken during Orientation.


haha, wat's with the sudden posts on the OG photos? i also dropped my idea of getting pt job, if not i guess i'll take 3 yrs to complete my degree. haha!
like i told you today, im really really glad i have you n R with me in SIM!! =)

hahaha. finally i commented! :D i need a cca too! haha

twister fries is love.

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