Thursday, January 7, 2010


Yesterday, i had my iphone replaced because the old one kept hanging on me. The moment i took it back, i restored my backup and called my friend, another problem surfaced! After my friend hung up, my phone's "menu" button totally cannot work. I had to press the top button before i can see the menu again. Thinking that it might just be that one time only, i decided to try again by asking my friends to call me......... CRAP LAR! IT KEPT HAPPENING.

Rainiee accompanied me as i faster walked back to Singtel Comcentre and told the guy my problem. He said i didn't update my software - which i did cause i restored my backup. Then he went on to say cause my backup is already corrupted, so i should reset my phone and sync in one-by-one again.

OK LOR! I went home, i followed his instructions. For the first few calls today it was fine. Then i think when my phone rang for the 5th or 6th time today, THE SAME PROBLEM CAME OUT AGAIN LAR. YOU TELL ME, ANGRY ANOT....... I have not even paste my own screen protector and i am going to continue to use it for a week or 2. Lemme see if it continues to be like this.

Anyway, i think i not fated with this phone. School started today and till now, i have dropped it 3 times. -__________-|| I NEVER EVEN DROP ONCE WITH MY PREVIOUS IPHONE LAR. And it's only 24hrs, but i've dropped 3 times.

Talking about school, i realize timetable slack but ALOT OF READING TO DO. I think after i read the textbook, i don't wanna read my storybooks le. Projects are also due so early lor. When the lecturer said WEEK 6, i was thinking "iyah, 1.5 months later." Then he said "Feb 20th". Wah sai! SO FAST?!

The 4 hours break today was spent eating, talking and playing L4D at Bukit Timah with Qiuting, Rainiee & Jason. LOL! Quite fun! Suprisingly, time passed faster than we expected. =)

P/S: Photos taken when i was working as Station Marshall during Apple's Discovery Race. Thanks Edwin for the intro of job. Had a great deal of fun at IMM and Funan Apple shop. =D


lets play and study hard all th way! <: rainie

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