Saturday, January 2, 2010

Dip Dip a new start

A new start at the swimming pool for a little tan. When i took the photo, the sun was really really bright. But apprently, my iphone didn't manage to capture the BRIGHTNESS. So it looks so gloomy. Anyway, stayed at the pool for about 2hours and there were many SINGLE people there tanning too. Surprisingly, all guys. And because my sun-tanning oil was with someone else, i was the only one there baking raw.

Oh yah, my countdown till 2010 was spent cycling rushing back to the bedok jetty from the 7-11 at ECP. WAhhh... cycle for about 45mins to and fro lehs. It was crazy. And the night pass so fast.. Spent it drinking and talking. And when i got home, sun was so good and i wasn't tired. So i got changed and went to the swimming pool.

I feel its a good start, so far! =)


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