Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Let's spell E-L-M-O

Oh my, don't you just love my ELMO?

It's my new toy..! If some of you may know, i have a photo of it on my Facebook, but that picture was taken when i saw the elmo on sale at Suntec Food Fair but i did not buy cause my mum said it was too expensive. And after a few months, i did not see in any shops around.... until i walk into the arcade at Suntec!

It's inside the "kiap kiap" machine. So i and my friend started KIAPING it until we spent about $32 to catch it. PLUS it was with the help of the arcade auntie lor. She see us keep trying and screaming till she help us put the elmo very very close to the hole. LOL. I think it was the thrill that was very very fun lor!

Hug it everywhere and then found a seat for it when we ate Kushinbo for our dinner.

So happy that day lar! I feel abit guilty cause i hug Princeton lesser liao. =p


so cute that Elmo gets a seat too! :D

YEA! I needed some time to myself to eat the buffet, ye see.

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