Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Love Post-It

Ever since i started working, i simply love the idea of Post-Its. And i had imagine working in Post-It company for them. Imagine myself flooded with so many many many colored Post-It! tsk tsk.

Anyway, this is how my desktop look like. And i was a little bored that day so i decided to paste my "Sign Here" post its in this manner so i can easily get them when i need them urgently. LOL.

I actually got quite a number of random photos in my phone. Just that i am always lying in bed and lazy to get up to type. Imagine TYPING TYPING TYPING all day long in the office. Of course when i reach home i just wanna lie in bed and live myself in my tv dramas right?!

Decided to post this up because i saw it on Facebook Links! Enjoy.


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