Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wedding Shots


I chanced upon Moomedia on Facebook as i viewed one of their videos called "10 years in 6mins - Wedding Narrative". omg, i love the concept. And if i have such a great story to tell, i will always have a story video of my own on my wedding day. I mean, when people attend a wedding, they want to know more than yourself in that gown. They might want to know how you 2 got together, how long you 2 have been dating and what were the special moments you shared, or even how he proposed!

Moomedia have this album called "A photo a day!" and as i clicked through, my mouth was left hanging there. He's photos are captivating and it made me had the urge to just get married so as to engage him as my photographer! Hahaha.. Run away in that white gown and relive the numerous moments in various locations. Every photo was fantastic and i decided to post a few here to show you guys.


I like long veils and long gowns.

But i know wedding isn't just registering, wearing the gown and having a dinner. It needs the right guy and right feeling to make the whole things perfect. Although in life, there is no perfect wedding. So i will rather spend more money on my honeymoon, home decor and photo-takings. Afterall, photos are the only way to capture the beauty of the gown, the beauty of the couple and the passion in your eyes. :)


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