Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sync Mr.Iphone 3Gs

Urber Happy, super happy! After a month of waiting, i finally got my hands on Iphone 3Gs. Singtel was kind enough to provide delivery service and i had them sent to my office on Friday! Immediately sync all the nice games and good music into the iphone and now i am so addicted to the game - Fish Tycoon. LOL.

I think alot of people know i got my iphone liao cause i spammed on facebook and twitter. hehe.. LOVE LOVE.

Other random things to mention would be........
DA VINCI EXHIBIT @ science centre

He is a real genius - from drawing to inventions to music - he is one hell of a smart ass.

Caught it on the last day of the exhibition and with no regrets - though ticketing price was a a little expensive but nonetheless, it attracted alot of people to visit the exhibit. Got to read about the Facts of Mona Lisa, The Last Supper and the Golden Proportion of Human.

CLICK HERE to read and watch videos of the secret behind Mona Lisa and The Last Supper.

It was so interesting to find out that The Last Supper was painted on the wall above the door. That's why the bottom of the painting, which is also the bottom of the table in the drawing, has a curve. Because it is a door.

And then people with the golden proportion will look prettier. The videos i watched there made me finally understand what this picture means!

Anyway, go google it! Its really interesting.


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