Sunday, August 23, 2009

Preview Screening: The Proposal

Won, collected and watched The Proposal!

Knocked off exactly at 630pm and quickly ran to the MRT station to take a train down to Shaw Towers. The movie starts at 715pm and the collection of tickets ends at 710pm. On top of all this, i had to go against the knock off crowd!

Although it was free seating and i was the last few to enter, but thank God the cinema was small, about 100pax. so i still manage to get a seat at the last row, yet i don't feel too far away from the screen.

I was very impressed with the show and i think you readers should catch it! Its out in the cinema already and i seriously think Ryan Reynolds is SOoooooo cute. haha.. And the storyline kinda reminds me of the Taiwan Drama - Ming Zhong Zhu Ding Wo Ai Ni (Fated to love).

It's amazing how the whole cinema laugh together and at the same time, not being afraid for being too loud. Which was so nice and family-like-feeling. I hope to have more movies with Nuffnang!

Shall not say much about the show cause i don't wanna spoil such a good show.


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