Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Noodle Days

Shanghai peeps! Remember those days when we eat noodles and have our forks stuck this way?

I was in the office alone this afternoon. Decided to eat cup noodles instead of going down into the lunch crowd. Felt restless the whole day lo.

Anyway, after i poured the water. I saw the fork that was provided by 7-11. Suddenly remembered the days in Shanghai where i spammed alot of their dry noodles during winter because they are really nice and easy to prepare! I love their dry cup noodles packaging. Seriously, mess-free.

Their bowl will always have a marking at the opening for you to poke your fork through. Afterwhich the seal will be "locked" by the fork and you can just wait to eat. I was really fascinated by this idea because there are times when you put the fork on top and the seal just keeps rolling up? These saves it. Now you learn something yea?

P/S: I wish to find those square cup noodles which are dry flavoured. Not mee goreng but the onion oil or bean paste flavours! YUM YUM.


qt: hi shanghai blogger, of coz i remembered this! i did this in my office tt day too! hehex!
great mind thinks alike.! =)

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