Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Property Sales Party

Got to attend a company party last night at Heaven's Loft in Orchard Central. I couldn't find their photo but they have Ben & Jerry's ice cream inside and a very nice deck to chill and have a glass of wine.

Anyway, i set foot in Heaven's loft with expected 200 staff and in one glance, i only saw GUYS. Seriously flooded with guys wearing the same pants and white shirt. haha.. They are Property Sales people and this party is hosted to THANK them. Of course they did a good job and brought in tons of sales for the company lar!

Anyway, buffet style.. free flow of red & white wine plus beer and free flow of B&J ice cream. OMG! It was totally a PARTY cause we book the whole place and i was at the deck and it was all people that we know, plus food...... ice cream........ alcohol......... and hunks. =x (you see where i'm going?)

I saw quite a number colleagues who had their different sides. Really surprised me... They were totally mei xin xiang and grooving to the music! LOL.

Left the party when the crowd disperse at 11pm. Manage to take a MRT home and totally felt worn out!

Have been telling myself to work on my blogskin but work's been so hectic! But i do have someone i want to thank so much!! He made this blogskin possible...... and i know he is secretly reading! haha.. Thanks Girard!


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