Sunday, June 28, 2009

Eurasiana - Soundwaves 2009

I got my first time at Esplanade Concert Hall last night. The person who brought me there tricked me twice! First he said i should just dress pretty and go on date at an event. Then when we met, he said we were going for a wedding. I totally freaked out! Then he told me he wanted to check out what shows Esplanade will be showing the next few months so i accompanied him to Esplanade to get the diary. But before i knew it, he led me into a crowded place and he headed to the reception and got 2 tickets. DIAO! Thats when i know i was fooled again. haha!

Ok, but the concert was really good. i love the way how different races instruments come together and play a beautiful music. so amazing lor!! haha.. thank god it wasn't boring and not those fall asleep type. hee.

Nice experience. =)

Btw, in the midst of changing a blogskin. But this time, its something really different. But i can figure the html out. =/


wow. i thought i went t th wrong blog. hehehe. IMISSYOU! :D fish.

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