Tuesday, July 14, 2009



I have almost all symptoms, from flu to sore throat to cough to muscle ache, BUT just lack the FEVER part. Anyway, i am on Medical Leave today.. Quite a nice time to sleep in, wake up and do a little work. Thank God i brought back my thumbdrive.

Actually, i feel quite bad cause i have to trouble my other colleagues to help my boss set up her presentation because i am not around. And because i am sick, i miss the chance to go Orchard Parksuites and see her present lar! Imagine a room with directors. Wasted! I thought for a very long time before not going to work cause i don't want to be like, coughing the germs all around. Seriously, very long haben cough until so jialat le. Machiam going to cough my throat out!

I was so lazy.. i bought my laptop to the polyclinic, sat there, wait and do my work. Surprisingly, waiting time passed so quickly. But in fact, i was there for 1.5hr. -.- Everyone was coughing and sneezing. And everyone was wearing the mask, including myself.

Beginning i still feel quite fun. Like Darth Vader.. towards the end, it became so HOT under the mask! Imagine lar.. you breath in and out.. hot air circulating within that small area. It starts to get a little hot, and you start coughing and finally you forgot how the "outside" air smells like. REALLY! i then pulled down the mask and took in a deep breathe! Yes, i smell AIR CON. Its better than smelling germies right?


qt: hahha i was also sick last week, but i didn go to polyclinic, str8 away jus go clinic. =) rest well ah!

Eeyer! Horrible girl. Don't go around spreading virus hor. Yes, the mask is damn suffocating. I wore it when I was at Jurong Medical Centre and the string snapped. HAAHAHAHA. Lousy quality.

LOL.. not lousy quality lar. Your face too big!!

Thanks qt =)

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