Saturday, July 11, 2009

3D: Ice Age III

I didn't catch Ice Age 1 and 2 before but i decided to give this a try in the 3D cinema, wearing that red/blue spectacles.

It was a little uncomfortable at the beginning but got use to it eventually. I think the side of the spectacles were too thick - might be the reason for the discomfort.

The show was funny. But not as funny as Night at the Musuem 1 & 2. The laughing elements for ice age doesn't linger in your mind after the movie thus the joke lifespan is quite short for me.

Overall, i just find the characters cute. Thats all.

This are some of the pictures that i think its really cute.

Anyway, i know i have been blogging about moviessssss and not my social activities. haha! I still very sociable one ok! I work, go out and also CHECKING OUT my SOON-TO-BE iphone 3GS. *Blinks* hopes to hear *Kachang Kachang* soon. hehe.

Have got so much work to do till i am bring them home. Really don't like the feeling to struggle in the office with the all the paperworks and only have time for my own work in later afternoon. Maybe my working speed is just too slow?? *shrugs*

And after the hard day of work, i don't like to be distub and i don't like to answer questions. Answering so much things in the day has already killed all my braincells. I just want a simple dinner where i listen and get the relevant attentions. Please don't add on to the burden in my mind.


work well and dun forget to rest well too! =) missya!

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