Sunday, June 7, 2009

What an agony to watch this....

Caught this at the stroke of midnight at vivo city and i walked out of the cinema half alive. Caught up with Isaac, Choon Wee and the clique for some catch up and they decided to watch a movie. It was suppose to be the "Blood Vampires" but the seats were selling fast and the last alternative was this.

Gosh, i spent most of my energy covering my ears, shutting my mouth and leaving only one of my eyes open. haha.. I am no longer good at watching horror films. Isaac kept saying this is a good show and i do agree to a little extend (disagree cause i came out half dead) because the suspense was built at a really unfriendly pace.. Not too good for a weak heart like mine.

Ye know, at the beginning of the show i told Isaac "i think starting not scary one lar.." as i continued to munch on my nachos, bloody hell....... the scare begins. -.- I tell you, the whole show didn't show any mercy in leaving you un-scared.

She is a really unfriendly ah-ma. And after watching this show, you better be nice to old people.. =/

This ah-ma here did a great deal of scaring me. HAHA, i spilled out the left over nachos on Mr.Isaac's shirt cause he was holding on to it and as the movie scared me, i jerked so fast and so hard that my leg kicked him. HAHAHA... seriously, "not my fault". LOL.

Anyway, this movie had some parts that had me laughing cause it was so lame.. Some gross stuff they did was too O-V-E-R, e.g. the girl had a nose bleed which led to her SPRAYING blood from her nose onto her boss. Then there was a part where the girl is fighting with the ah-ma and she bitch at the ah-ma like some little girl who had won her round in a PS2 game. And there were a few more parts that i think it was really lame but i don't wish to mention anymore.

At the end, the ending was unexpected. So thats something nice that i like.


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