Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bidding Farewell

Friends who have known me through the years would know that i LOVE sushi tei and i WORK there. Nope, i don't get bored looking at the food instead i would love to have them everytime. HEE.

Three (super duper long donkey) years have pass and its time to move on and find a new meaning in life. I had made many "goodbyes" as i spent my years growing up in there and i saw many of the chiefs transferring to other outlets and then back here again.. Its amazing how i had stayed for 3 years and if i had gotten into a local uni, i think i'm prepared to receive the long-service award (5 years) before i even graduate. But that's not the case now. So its my turn to say "goodbye" now. The lovely name tag followed me through without losing its way. (i feel thats something to be proud of, considering so many of us - part-timers always losing our name tags)

Caught them by surprise when i suddenly said "today is my last day". HAHA. my manager didn't know cause i only told my assistant manager and apparently she didn't mention. my manager even said "她舍得让你走meh?" Ehhh.. i don't think she have a choice after i have told her that i signed the contract.

Some of them got my numbers and emails and i do hope that we can be kept in touch.
Take care my friends!


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