Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mental Exhaustion

Some of you might not know where i'm working right?
Lemme see, some organisation that really has a big reputation. And the boss up there is a millionaire in singapore which i haven met him or his son before.. but they are old lar.

Anyway, started work on monday. Very nice ENVIRONMENT (i emphasize only environment) to work with and my colleagues are real nice. Though i hope for some young handsome guy walking around for me to go gaga, but unfortunely there isn't.

I hate standing all the way to work and have my feet plastered. Thank god the shoe kinda expanded already, so its now the height thats killing my soles. My boss and colleague (Lets name her Cheeky in future ok?) speaks branded, efficiency and initiative. Cheeky cause i think she's very fun and always smiling being cheeky about stuff yet shes pretty.. Lets name the lady i am taking over as da-jie because she is the same age as my sis, she reminds me of her cause the way they speak and of course she looks after me. Btw, da-jie is going on maternaty leave so that means next monday i'm all alone already.

My job scope is pretty small but i have lots of things to do and learn this week. I am feeling the stress because monday i have alot of things to do and i am still not use to it. I am always afraid i will miss out on something, be it To-Do-List or "Powerpoint slides information".... Arghs. I do simple ppt and excel files yet i have to be careful cause i deal with figures. I have to check my email every 10mins or so and follow up and file them to folders in outlook. Worst still, i have to file MINE and HERs cos they will CC both of us. Things are pretty to handle this week, but i am not sure about next week. Currently i am already starting to note down the things i have to do. I hope i don't screw things up and get screwed. =/

On saturday, i did something extra out of my job scope. I went to help and earn extra cash by going to a launch of our showroom. Very nice experience although abit boring but i saw RICH people and a few good looking man.. anyway, its just a 4hours shift. Cheeky was there to accompany me too.

Anyway, shall enroll RMIT soon.

After 5 days of constant learning or maybe after a day of painful soles, i really don't like the idea of having to argue with someone. I know i have a choice to not argue but yet, when someone is special, you want to explain things. So anyway, its a friday night. I am tired from work. After hearing the news, i become even more sian diao. Took the effort to WANT TO make up for what i will be losing but yet i have to spend a half hr argueing on an issue that has already happened alot of times. ARGHS, can you feel me? Its the agony. I REALLY could have gone home.


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