Thursday, May 14, 2009


Those who have my Facebook would have noticed by now that i have been tagged over 40 photos with me clad in my graduation robe but no square hat because that's for degree graduation.

Anyway, i only had 10 photos in my camera and the rest are with them. SEND ME SOON GUYS!

Whole graduation ceremony ended in 1hour and i think it was because alot of people didn't go. Wearing the robe going up, the only thing you could pray for is not to fall down or trip onto it. LOL. Took massive photos and Edwin and Isaac came down with their DSLR and made me a "10mins model" for the day. They immediately went back to class, edited the photos and posted them up on facebook. So sweet lar! Thanks guys!

Took a bus down to Jurong Point and met up with my family again, including my Dad and we had Kushinbo! The 3 of them kept digging on the Zuwai Crab while i ate my normal Cha Soba, sashimi etc.. My mum called those normal. Arrrhhh... whats not normal in the buffet, i can't eat man.

So home sweet home, up on facebook, reply tags, play restaruant city! Thats my life man.


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