Saturday, May 16, 2009

Angels and Demon

I bought this book for 10 bucks about 2 years ago from a second hand bookstore and was hoping to finish reading it. And now as i dig it out of my cupboard, i find a bookmark at page 127. LOL. thats only like 1/4 of the book read. The pages have turned yellow and thank goodness there are no silverfishes found. =/

So point is, i caught the movie on the 14th of May at Jurong Point. OMG! i love the ending. Though the starting sent me confused (because of the ancient facts and history of popes and churches) but i kept guessing who is the person in the end and there was a twist to it. Thank God i didn't read finish the book or else there won't be a suspense there.

Anyway, i don't mind re-reading the book now. That is if i finish reading my "Last Lecture" and my "tangled up in you".

Yes, i am a bookworm that secretly wishes to have a shelve filled with MANY MANY storybooks and love floating around secondhand bookstores but not libraries. HEE.


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